Freeport: "Stand Aside or Taste Our Blades"
Reputation for making uniquely strong FREEPORT STEEL and raising hardy folk. As a people, they are strong men and women who are independent, have several sharp edges, and are quick to anger. A word of advice, never tell a Freeporter what to do…

The Royaume Adalian: "Wit and Wine, Every Time."
Reputation for trade and diplomacy in interest of open markets and wealth. The Kingdom Adalian is the main rival of Shaddar. One of its cities, MOKR in the north, plays host to the single largest mage's college, THE WARREN.
They have the second-best relationship with the DWARF KINGS.

The Shaddar Empire: "Blood for Honor!"
A Shaddar loves a bloodbath. Their mountain capitol is known for its enormous IMPERIAL ARENA which draws thousands of citizens and witnesses to share in the slaughter. Shaddar is the main patron slave state. Slaves are often Grayes or Halflings, and must wear chains at all times. 

Kingdom of Helleniana: "Let It Roll"
A small swampy trade power between Shaddar and the Adalians. The river delta here makes fine, rich farmlands. As the saying goes, "No Hellenian will ever turn down a good time." However, the Hellenians would say, "None of you other idiots know have to have fun!" They are known for making HELLENIAN FIRE WATER, a strong alcoholic drink.

Kingdom of Kyros: "The Gods With Us"
The citystate of Kyros is famed for its Academy of the Natural and Sublime, akin to a bardic college, It is also home to the HOUNDS COMMISION which governs the borderlands, as well as the ROSE LODGE – a group of academics and adventurers from every walk of life. The Lodge pursues knowledge of the plane and its secrets.

The Halfling Free State was recognized about twenty-five years after the empire was disbanded. The numerous Halflings who fled enslavement had gathered in the green forests north of the citystates of RUH and KYROS.
Tall-folk are often attacked on sight by halfing ambushers upon entry into the woods there.

G'Saad: "Let the wisest man prosper."
When the great nomadic navy arrived at the cliffside dictated by Savrille's oracle, They turned to their friends, the dwarves, to aid them in a monumental undertaking. Upon the top of the bluff, they upturned their boats and built G'Saad to be a city of wisdom, of philosophy, of the righteous life and prosperity. It is the home of no less than three BARDIC COLLEGIUMS

Paestum – ? Mercenaries? How is Elgin tied to them?

Saints of the Magnificent Circle – main trade syndicate

Criminal Factions

Ivory Talons – rumored thieves guild taking root in Hounds

Hesi Okarthel – Thief Syndicate

Royaume Adalian

Legion Adalian

Ranger Lodge | Druid Conclave

Solemn Guard

Paestum Consortium

Imperial Shaddar



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