Human Pantheon

ALIGNMENT – Chaotic Neutral
FAVORED WEAPON – Spears, lots of spears
DOMAINS – War, Light
WORSHIPPERS – the Empire of Shaddar, soldiers
Chaotic Neutral, favors a spear. Lord of warfare, master of strategy, fiery pillager. Widely worshiped in Shaddar and by other military men. Brutal philosophy of personal responsibility.

ALIGNMENT – Chaotic Neutral
DOMAINS – Trickery, Lust, Revenge
WORSHIPPERS – Thieves & Whores
SIGILS – a wasp, a whip of thorns
ARCHONS – a swarm of wasps, a glowing golden elven woman

FAVORED WEAPON – The Glyph/a whirling dagger
DOMAINS – Knowledge
SIGIL – Symbol of a lit candle over an open eye

WORSHIPPERS – Hunters, Rangers

WORSHIPPERS – Mages, Craftsmen

WORSHIPPERS – gravediggers, the Knights Perdere

ALIGNMENT – Neutral Good
DOMAINS – Good, Healing, Honor
SIGILS – A Single Flaming Sword
ARCHONS – The Wheels of Fire, The Horrible Angels
WORSHIPPERS – Healers, Do-gooders, the rare crusader, and a few small isolated monasteries. Common worship involves dancing with a flaming sword at the center of a circle of candles.

ALIGNMENT – Lawful Neutral
SIGILS – Pages of paper
WORSHIPPERS – Poets, Scholars, the Royaume Adalian

WORSHIPPERS – Druids and Hermits

Liberation, Trickery, Travel, and Storms.
The Thunderbird.
Patron of Revolutionaries.

Dwarvish Pantheon

Law, Death, Charm, Evil. Lawful Evil. Favors the rod or stave. Enforcer of contracts, punisher of oathbreakers. Soulbuyer and transporter. Insidious and accepted. The price of doing business. Slavemaster.
Chaos, Fire, Air, Repose. Chaotic Neutral. Wielder of the Warpick “Mitroan”. He lairs in secret chambers, and speaks with a fiery tongue when disturbed. Some areas of the Underdark are not meant to be disturbed, and he is that which shall punish you.
Liberation, Travel, Chaos, Trickery. Chaotic Good. Javelin wielder. Scorches evil with his might. Favors those who delve into danger and return to tell the tale over a stout ale or twelve at the ale-homes.
Knowledge, Animal, Water, Evil. Neutral Evil. Favors the bow, a sage and trapper who will seize upon unwary dwarves and drown them in the deep wells.Young dwarves are instructed to keep their guard at all times, lest Ekkis find the gaps in the armor their bear, or worse, the armor of their minds. Beware, for Ekkis knows you better than yourself.
Artifice, Law, Nobility, Good. Lawful Good. Favors his Greataxe “Farcaster” with which he banished the shadows from the tunnels, sealing them away that his kin could seize the golden veins of the world in hand.
Commerce, Water, Magic, Madness. Lawful Neutral. Favors Crossbows. Lots of Crossbows. Gaspar is famed for always being in when the chips are down, Fighting against the other gods when they overstep, and always coming out the wiser in the test of wits. He is the patron of underground seafarers, who shoot across the continents on strongboats beneath the surface, linking together the kingdoms of the Dwarves.
Chaos, Trickery. Chaotic Neutral. Notable for being the onlyfemale dwarf god. She is mistrusted and maligned by Dwarfkind as a rabble-rouser who misleads the Dwarf from his Purpose. She once seduced the beards off of the other gods, for which they put her in chains for a thousand years, chains which she easily escaped. It’s telling about dwarf culture that she is universally reviled.
Earth, Community, Strength, Runes. Lawful Neutral. The judgement of No’nn is law, and he wields “Kjellig”, the silver spear carved from the heart of the world and decorated with the oaths of the gods of this plane. He is universally revered by the Dwarves. He is the carver, the orderer, and the binding presence that defines the dwarf’s purpose in this world. His worship is found in ordering all things. Diamonds above rubies. Rubies above stone. Stone above magma. He brushes away uncertainty and always stands above other gods. He feeds upon the stone to sustain his vital energies. On the day that he finally laughs at what he has wrought, the world will come to its destined end.
Glory, Repose, Rune, and War. Lawful Good. Favors the Warhammer “Lifetaker”. God depicted as wearing shifting shadowy armor. His temples also maintained records of the dead. Associated with the deep knowledge (navigation). He calms the souls of those slain warriors to the afterlife. Shown to drink blood. His armor is marked with skulls and faces of the infinite dead he has calmed. 
He was also represented as at war and watching womenfolk weaving on looms, it was said that He was the first king of the dwarves, and now walks the empty halls below the current kingdoms.
Evil, Trickery, and Death. Neutral Evil. Favors the Shortsword. Pakklin is the enemy in the midst of dwarfkind. Pakklin is the human who suddenly turns on you five years on. Pakklin is a subtle manipulator, who plays a long game, and must be found out at every turn. He gets close enough, and then the fatal blow comes when your armor is off.
Animal, Nobility. Neutral. Scimitar wielder. Tale teller. Qiin is the master of any beast created, the hunter who returns bearing game to the hold. The captain that returns victorious with spoils. Qiin represents one’s willingness to leave safety and bring back treasures for all.
Good, Charm, Animal. Chaotic Good. Favors the Rapier. Famed for combating the evil gods, and winning allies from the strange beasts of the Underdark, and convincing them to carry him into battle for Good and Righteous accomplishments.
Plant, Luck. Neutral Good. Favors a Bow. Patron who travels among the strange flora of the Underdark, tending to their growth and prosperity.
Artifice, Protection, Knowledge. Neutral. His wisdom and craft sustain us. He favors a throwing shield, the mark of a protector and honorable master craftsman. The One True Engineer.
Life, Healing, Love, Good. Neutral Good. Favors a heavy Axe that glows with his warmth and caring. God of the hearth and the mine-hold. Invoked frequently at council meetings.
Death, Madness, Evil, Chaos. Chaotic Evil. She favors a Ranseur, and ugly weapon that rips away the armor of your body and soul before she casts you into madness, and then, if she is being merciful, into death.
Void, sun, evil, chaos. Chaotic Evil. A madman who favors the use of Daggers that make his enemies explode into flames.
Lizards, Magic, Runes. Lawful Evil. A scaly monstrosity who favors the use of Bolas to take prisoners alive.


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